Hello ex sweetheart 
feels great to call you sweetheart 
but painful to prefix ex
hope you are having great time with him 
hope she is providing what i failed to
actually life has been a heck without you 
i personally have not moved on from where you left 
am still stuck in the gum of a broken heart 
wishing for your forgiveness has been my quotidian prayer
i know she will be jealous when she sees this 
promise me you will hide it from him 
i failed to treasure your love when it was mine 
but i promise to conceal your reply 
please forgive my heart if its hard for you to forgive


I wanna love you for a life time
Not for a season,
Don’t even mention a reason,
Don’t weigh my love,
Never limit my affection,
Because loving you is all I live for ,


Could I say life was unfair?
Or may should I say I had not realized the great potential in me?
I could say indeed life had proved tough,
But that was necessary to make me strong,

Tears had been like part of my identity,
I lived a sorrowful life full of fears,
I never knew what the future had prepared for me,
The life i lived was so lone,

I don’t understand if i could not make friends,
Or maybe i wasn’t worth to have one,
The future seemed darkened,
It reached a point i couldn’t hold on anymore,
I felt no one’s presence even God’s,
My soul was getting tired and hopeless,
Thought God has forsaken me and I ended up questioning Him,
It was at this point my inner eyes opened and i knew it wasn’t right,

I asked God for pardon,
I befriended my Bible and motivational articles,
The inspiration grew deeply in me,
My attitude shifted to positive,
Believe,and great things will happen!!…


You need to know how much you hurt me. I loved you with everything I have and in every way I know how, and I’m sorry that wasn’t good enough for you. I tried to be everything you wanted and needed but I can’t anymore . I have put my happiness on the back burner for too long and lost myself trying to be what you wanted

For months now I have been trying to fix things to go back to how they were, but all seems in vain cause my love seems to be a burden to you, you have shaped me into the person I am today. You taught me how to be goofy and patient

It’s too little too late, you should have communicated with me when you realized your feelings were changing. I deserve to be loved, to feel loved and to be happy. We both deserve to feel special

I never thought we would get to this point and I have no idea how it happened, but we are here. I’m sorry if I ever hurt you and am sorry I can’t love you in the way that you want and am not the person you want or need me to be. Am sorry I can’t be that kind of your perfect guy who dresses like a king

I don’t know what our future looks like right now, but I know that I’m basically numb at this point. I feel angry and hurt and disappointed and betrayed. I know you tried to take it back but your message was loud and clear that night, the only message that scares me in every dream

I’m not sure if you’re scared of losing me or losing the idea of me, what I represent, who you wanted me to be. I can’t force you to love me but

I hope you realise I loved you more than anything in the entire world and I’m sorry my love wasn’t good enough for you. I’m sorry I couldn’t be like your king. I’m sorry I was ugly in your eyes. I’m sorry all from wasn’t enough to stop you from walking away

But to let you know, you broke my heart but I still love you with all the piece.


How many times have you had your heart broken and how many times have you had your faith stolen by girls that promise you everything but only to find that behind their clever lies, they seem to have fooled, schooled you into thinking that you finally found your soulmate. You feel your fate has been decided and they leave and you are alone again, wiping tears into your sleeve

How many times have you been unable to sleep because the one girl that you thought you will keep forever is not by your side and when you try to close your eyes, all you see are memories hidden deep within your soul. Visions of growing old together. Visions of intertwined hands. Visions of walking barefoot on grass. Because what you feel feels like forever.

You lie and fantasize about the familiar smell of her perfume but only to find it makes you feel more alone than ever and you start to cry but it doesn’t help. The tears flow and you wish that they would drawn all the pain you feel but you realize that tears just make the pain feel even more real. Your friends tell you that you need to let go but regret still occupies the space between your arms where she used to lie

Relation can build us or break us. When break ups happen, relationships fail. It’s strange how much pain a broken heart can make. The same emotions it gives, it can also take

Listen, you think you are alone but you are not, it’s not about what you want but it is about what you’ve got. Reach deep into your soul and pull up strength that’s been hiding inside this time and soon you’ll find that your state of mind would change for better. You will find out that pain is like the tides of the ocean, it comes and goes and soon your heart will grow back to what it was.

You will pick up the pieces of all those broken dreams and although it might seem tough to pick yourself up from that hole you have fallen into, don’t ever lose faith that someday you will get what you deserve. Someone will love you so much that they will give you the world and maybe then you will forget all those times you have had your heart broken.


The fruit of something good in life begins with a challenge . Everything is uphill that is worthwhile.

It’s not going to come to you and it’s not going to fall in your labs or in your hands.

It’s not going to be simple, easier, smooth and cheap. It’s always going to be difficult

So if you want it, better push yourself to achieve and get it. Nothing like tomorrow, you only got today.


I really don’t understand what’s stopping you from action and rising up. Are you tired? You don’t have enough sleep? You don’t have enough money? You don’t have enough energy? Is that what’s stopping you right now? High time you realise that the thing that is stopping you from action is YOU.

Excuses sound best to those making them up, stop feeling sorry for yourself, get off the pity potty telling everybody you’re sad, poor, orphan, broke, and sad stories trying to get people to show up to your pity parties and you pity parades to feel sorry for YOU

Rise up and remember You are born to be an answer to your generation .So if you want it then go get it.Its time for you to take advantage of the time you have, the access and the resources that you have in your pocket, community, village, family and country

If you want it, go get your it remembering that excuses are not valid, they are all lies and the only way to stop lies is by the truth and the truth is that you have time, the skill, knowledge, support, will power, discipline ,opportunity and space to get it done and perform to your best

Their is no no nothing like tomorrow, it’s today .we only got today, me and you. So if you are going to have it, better get your butt up and make it happen. You still have work to do? Stay their till it’s done.


If you ever see them better than you, richer than you, clever than you ,smart than you and living their self to the fullest, don’t get jealous of them. It’s because they worked their ass off to get it. You want to match them yet you sleep till 9 am. Brothers and sisters it’s high time we realise we have the potential to do it. Remember those better than you, nobody handed them nothing, so wake yourself up and perform . Awaken the beast in you. It’s time for you to take advantage of the time you have, don’t regret in the future wishing you could have started ,start now when you have time